Secure bets (CashOut) Pin Up

The proposition is open to all individual wagers and parlay bets on Live or Pre-match events that carry the distinctive CashOut emblem. To view your potential CashOut amount and initiate a request, navigate to the “Bet history” section in your Profile page.

Place sports bets at Pin Up!

Upon confirming your CashOut request, the wager will be promptly settled, and the corresponding funds will be credited to your account balance.

  • Got reservations about the concluding event of a parlay wager?
  • Do you require your capital earlier than the bet’s usual settlement time?
  • Have the odds on your wager shifted significantly?
  • Leverage the CashOut function to retrieve your funds on the spot!

All participants on our platform who place wagers in the Sporting bets category are eligible to utilize the CashOut feature.

Steps to Participate


  • This offer applies to all registered users.
  • CashOut is available for individual and parlay wagers on Live and Pre-match events identified by a special CashOut icon.
  • All wagers eligible for CashOut will feature this distinct icon in the “Bet History” section of your profile.
  • The available amount for instant withdrawal will be displayed alongside each wager.
  • To initiate a CashOut, click on the specified amount adjacent to the bet you wish to void, then confirm your selection in the pop-up box.
  • After submitting a CashOut request, the specified amount will be immediately transferred to your account balance.
  • The cashed-out bet will be excluded from further wagering.
  • However, if you’ve cashed out only a portion of the bet, the remaining value will follow the standard settlement process.
  • The CashOut amount may be higher or lower than the original bet value, influenced by the bet type, its total value, the quantity of winning combinations, the timing of final settlement, and the current odds. The Company retains the authority to restrict access to the promotion or to suspend it indefinitely at its discretion.