Premature victory from PIN-UP

Would you enjoy a quirky trick for Europe’s most electrifying sports leagues? Let’s talk about the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, NHL, and KHL. Imagine this: your chosen team takes a significant lead—two goals ahead in football or three in hockey. If this happens during a match, PIN-UP will count your bet as a win, even if your beloved team doesn’t clinch victory in the end! This mind-bending offer has its terms:

  • The smallest bet you can place is 400 BDT, with the maximum winnings capped at 4 Lakh.
  • This promo applies to accumulators and individual bets, but here’s the catch—your bet must have at least one event from the “Result” category to qualify.
  • This unique opportunity is open to all matches in the aforementioned leagues.
  • If your team leads by two goals in football or three in hockey during regular play, PIN-UP will process your bet, regardless of the final score.
  • Keep in mind that this offer only counts for bets placed before May 19, 2024, and is valid for pre-match bets.
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Guidelines to Follow

  • All PIN-UP members can get in on this promo, as long as they’re registered users.
  • The promotion ends on May 19, 2024.
  • This offer is limited to single and accumulator bets—no system bets allowed.
  • Only pre-match single bets on “Result” (1,X, 2) are eligible. Bets placed during the match (live bets) and other types like totals and handicaps don’t count.
  • Football events are based on the Full-Time Result market, covering the 90-minute regulation time, including added time but excluding extra time and penalty shootouts.
  • Hockey events are settled on a 60-minute game, excluding overtime or shootouts.

Now, here’s the twist. The team you bet on must maintain a lead by at least two goals in football or three goals in hockey for a minimum of five minutes. Also, your bet must be placed before May 19, 2024. The number of bets from a single account isn’t restricted. The minimum bet stays at 400 BDT, with winnings capped at ৳ 4 Lakh. If your bet surpasses this amount, it won’t be eligible for early payout.

This promotion welcomes single and accumulator bets. If you win a single bet, PIN-UP pays it in full immediately. With accumulator bets, the winning event(s) are marked as such, but the overall bet remains active on other events. The Edit Bet feature can be used to qualify, but the bet’s final version must meet the promotion’s requirements. Bets with a Return status don’t qualify.

If your team takes a two-goal lead in football or a three-goal lead in hockey, PIN-UP will pay out your bet according to the offer’s terms. However, if your team goes on to win, it won’t trigger another payout. You can only participate in one promotion with a single game account per person, family, residence, computer, or IP address. If there’s evidence of rule-breaking, PIN-UP reserves the right to cancel free bets, void winnings, or close accounts.

PIN-UP might verify gaming account owners and halt bonus accrual during the verification process. Terms and conditions can change or be added during the promotion or at any other time. This promotion is solely for entertainment purposes, and the company can cancel the bonus if it identifies manipulative strategies or patterns suggesting unfair play. If a goal is overturned by a referee or other factors affect the game’s fairness, the company may recover any bonus amount or enhanced payments awarded by error.