Edit Bet Pin Up

Ever wish you could reconfigure a bet, toss in a different match, or even trade in a not-so-stellar choice for something that feels more fortuitous? Well, with our novel “Edit Betslips” feature, that’s exactly what you can do! Tailored for those impulsive moments of change or when a flash of insight strikes, this utility brings the flexibility to re-shape your bets with a flick of a finger. But remember, this isn’t your typical take-backsie; it’s an exclusive perk that lets you alter both single and accumulator pre-match bets!

Make sports bet at Pin Up Bet !

Here’s the lowdown: Once your bet is inked and finds its spot on the “Bet history” page, you’re all set to tweak it. The steps are as smooth as silk:

  • Navigate to “Bet history”
  • Find the bet you want to alter, and hit “Edit Betslip”
  • Apply your changes
  • Click “Save” to lock in your alterations

If you’re into Sporting bets, you can also cash out anytime, adding an extra layer of dynamism to your betting spree.

A few caveats to keep in mind:

  • Your bet must be on events that haven’t kicked off yet; the Live section is off-limits for edits.
  • Multi-accumulator bets are fixed—you can’t play with those.
  • Single bets have a bit more leeway: add another event to transform it into an accumulator, as seen in your “Bet history.”
  • In accumulator bets, you can slot in new events or swap existing ones with these exceptions:
    • No revisiting past events.
    • Avoid anything from the Live section.
    • Swaps must follow these rules: The odds of the new event must outdo those of the original, based on the current moment, no matter what the original bet indicated. And don’t try to replace an event with the same one at higher odds—it just doesn’t fly. Lastly, the event you’re swapping must be ongoing at the time of the change.

With this clarity, you’re empowered to shape your bets with finesse. Embrace the change and keep those odds in your favor.