Autobet PIN-UP Bet

Pin-Up’s latest feature, Autobet, brings a sophisticated edge to your betting strategies, granting you unparalleled control over your wagering scenarios. It’s a potent tool that allows you to designate specific odds at which your bet is triggered and accepted. This feature is operable in both pre-match scenarios and live betting.

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How Autobet Works

To activate Autobet, first, add your wager prediction to the betting slip and decide on the stake amount. Click on the Autobet icon, revealing a scale for setting a custom range of odds. This spectrum represents the minimum and maximum odds at which your bet will be placed. Once you’ve established your desired range, hit the ‘Place Autobet’ button. Your bet goes live only when the odds fall within your selected parameters.

Real-World Scenarios for Autobet

Imagine you’re rooting for a favorite team, only to find out their key player is sidelined due to injury. Naturally, you might expect the odds to shift. Instead of lingering around waiting for the change, Autobet can streamline the process for you. Let’s say the current odds are 1.80, but you anticipate an increase due to the player’s absence. By setting your Autobet odds range from 2.00 to 2.20, your bet becomes active the moment those odds become available. This strategic approach removes the uncertainty of timing, granting you precision and convenience.

Key Guidelines for Using Autobet

Autobet is available for single and accumulator bets in both pre-match and live settings across all sports. However, if your account balance lacks sufficient funds when the odds match your specified range, the bet won’t activate.

Important Notices and Legal Disclaimers

Pin-Up is not liable if Autobet experiences technical issues rendering it unusable. They reserve the right to retract a stake if it’s settled erroneously. Additionally, the company may revise, suspend, or even terminate the Autobet feature at their discretion, applicable to any event, fixture, or market, with no prior notice required.

Autobet is a game-changer for those who seek precision and control in their betting endeavors. This advanced tool empowers users to craft their wagering scenarios with unprecedented accuracy, removing the guesswork from betting decisions.